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Key Themes – November

As we have moved through the year, market conditions have varied culminating a volatile October. This type of backdrop serves to remind us that multi asset investing is beneficial, not being restricted to one asset category. When prices fall in one area, but not in another, it opens up opportunities for us to buy quality…

Deal or No Deal?

If a good compromise is one which leaves each party dissatisfied then the Brexit draft Withdrawal Agreement may be greeted as a singular achievement. Published last night at the end of a marathon five hour cabinet meeting the agreement has been met with criticism on all sides save that of Prime Minister Theresa May and…

Key Themes – October

The barbecue summer has given way to the first chill breeze of autumn. A reminder that the seasons change. However, whereas we can predict with a certain amount of accuracy the coming of winter, economic and market forecasting is an altogether more uncertain affair. October can be a notoriously volatile month for financial markets and…

Key Themes – September

The synchronicity evident in the global economy at the beginning of the year has evolved into a clear divergence between the United States and the rest of the world. In the United States President Trump’s tax cuts have continued to power the economy and provide a positive boost to equity markets. There is a school…

Investing – How do you make money?

Some people mistake investing to be the same as earning interest on a basic savings account with a Bank or Building Society – although in reality it is very different. The basics of investing Let us say you purchase shares in the ABC Group. The shares are priced at £1 per share and you decide…

Market Update

Last night, US equity markets fell sharply. This, as we write, is spilling over into other markets. As usual falling prices generate uncertainty in the minds of investors. Before last night’s falls, US equities had risen this year by 9.5%, so, one might argue, prices advanced too far and too fast in response to improvements…

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