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Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning

Many of us would agree that on our passing we would rather our loved ones and family members inherited our hard-earned assets, but with Inheritance Tax (IHT) that may not be the case. A large proportion of your wealth or estate, which can include the family home, investments, insurance policies not in trust or even family heirlooms, may have to be sold in order to meet the IHT liability on death if proper steps have not been taken to protect your wealth.

Your estate will be subject to IHT if it exceeds the Nil Rate Band which is currently set at £325,000 (or £650,000 for married couples and civil partners). Any amount over this will be liable at a rate of 40%. However, with careful planning, any liability can be greatly reduced or even removed altogether by the effective use of a will, trusts, gifting, use of tax-efficient funds, pensions and life assurance.

Talk to us for further information regarding your situation should you be at all concerned.

Let us help you to make sure you protect your wealth so that your heirs can rightfully inherit your estate and not hand it over to HMRC.

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